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Kurtis and Ciera
“Dennis has been an incredible gift to our family. Kodi is the most well behaved four month old puppy I've ever seen! Starting training early was a great advantage to creating a wonderful dog, but without his guidance I'm not sure it would have been so successful. There is SO MUCH contradicting information on the internet about training, it could drive a person crazy. It's great to have an experienced professional as our go-to person for any behavior issues, instead of searching the web for the right answer and getting a huge headache. Since Dennis has been working with us everything is much more clear and straight forward. His training method has a nice solid structure to it but is also flexible and adjusts to each individual's needs. When I was researching training programs a lot of them focused on training your dog tricks, that wasn't what I wanted. At Home Dog Training is all practical and teaches your dog how to be obedient to you and coexist beautifully in your home. We get compliments all the time from friends and family on how great Kodi behaves. It's all thanks to the guidance of Dennis (and us actually implementing what he teaches, can't forget to do that of course). At Home Dog Training is definitely worth the money and time if you want a well behaved pooch.”

Mike M.
“Having recently adopted a very young and active dog, I've come to the realization that I needed help with training. Having owned a few other mature dogs, I'd forgotten just how much time and effort is involved in training a younger dog, especially one found as a stray with many bad habits. I was seriously getting desperate on how to deal with this new dog. Luckily, I found AT HOME DOG TRAINING and I am now making headway with my training. I really like AHDT's approach to training, which is basically “Think like a dog”. I now know how to talk to my dog in a way he'll understand, and how to make him follow my commands. Dennis has also worked closely to address concerns like Biting, chewing, digging, stealing... Now both I, and my dog, are much happier! What a great service.”

“Having spent months trying to find the right Dog Training for my “High strung” (nice words for “Hyper-active”) Border Collie Mix, I found it in At Home Dog Training. I was under the impression that the only way to train my dog was in a group setting, but this caused so many issues for us. It was a stress-filled mess! What we didn't realize was that the dog wasn't the one in need to training, WE WERE! Our Canine Counselor, Dennis, started off by teaching us how our dogs think, and how to interpret their behavior. Such a simple approach, yet the results are nothing short of amazing! We saw results in the first visit. It is a learning process for both owner and dog alike, but I can honestly say I have never had so much fun working with my dog. I can't recommend enough.”

Pat from North Las Vegas
“We have 3 small dogs that did nothing but bark while at home and behave badly in the car. After only a few lessons I was amazed at how much they have improved. I know that they're not perfect (yet) but the difference is truly remarkable. He has not only helped us on the training but helped us with understanding their individual personalities. One of our dogs is neurotic. With simply praising her on her good behavior we are making great strides in eliminating her fear of being clipped. Previously there wasn't a groomer who could clip her so I had to start clipping her myself. I've previously clipped dogs but she was extremely difficult. She was afraid of the clippers and tried to bite them. I was afraid she would get hurt. Since starting our training with Dennis, we're so pleased that now we're on our way to having a dog that is groomed. We highly recommend At Home Dog Training to everyone.”

“Dennis is truly the Dog Whisperer!!! I had been having so much trouble with my dog Pepper, and the moment Dennis showed up to my house for the free evaluation, Pepper automatically seemed calmer than normal. Dennis' process is easy to follow and really made a lot of sense. And it's not based on fear or aggression, which I appreciate. Pepper improved so drastically over the weeks we worked with Dennis, I would highly recommend At Home Dog Training to anyone.”

Lanikai B.
“It was incredible to see results just after one visit. We have a guide book to refer to at any time and can call if we need advise or schedule another visit. I have learned so much about our dog and look forward to our training! The training is efficient, fun, and much more cost effective then taking your pet elsewhere. It's nice to be able to work with your pet at home in comfortable surroundings. I highly recommend it and have referred friends already.”

Deb D.
“Dennis has done wonders with my two little monsters. Because of Dennis I know that my dogs are smarter the I thought they were and understand commands. I would recommend Dennis to anyone who wanted excellent dog training.”

Noel F.
“Dennis to the rescue! Just when we thought we made a mistake in adopting our 4 month old Bailey, Dennis saved the day! Thank goodness for him! We now love our dog more than regret her! Fortunately in one session we were taught how to curb her relentless biting, now after 5 sessions we are well on our way to “THE BEST DOGGIE EVER”!!!!!”

Merrie F. from Las Vegas
“I have been yearning for a dog for 33 years and finally decided to get my darling Hula who is a pure bread Havanese. Sadly she was not potty trained and needless to say wreaked havoc on my carpets! I just didn't have the skills to train her. I then decided to go online to find in home dog training and as luck would have it stumbled upon Dennis Danskin.
We had our initial consulation where he came to my home to meet me and Hula. He was INCREDIBLY thorough and knowledgeable from all of his 40 years of experience. His enthusiansm was infectious which made it inevitable that I would hire him. Am I glad I did! His prompt arrival and pleasant personality is a great way to start our training session weekly. There is improvement with still more to learn. His methods are far better than the “normal” means of training a dog in my opinion.
I call him my “dog whisperer” as he teaches me about the psyche of Hula and what is best for she and I. Hula is a work in progress with many other issues bedsides potty training that he can help me with as well. Everything is listed in a binder you receive to study your “homework” for the lesson of the week with your dog.
It is easy reading and not intimidating but necessary. I can't speak highly enough of all that Dennis brings to the table regarding training dogs. PERIOD! I HIGHLY recommend him!!! You will not be displeased when you decide to go with his “gift” and talent on training your dog.”

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